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How to be an Effective Chairman: A Guide to Chairing in Small and Medium Sized Organisations

Hello, I’m Tom Langdon-Davies. Welcome to the Chairman's Role, a new approach to developing the role of the Chairman.

Whether you are a business owner, chief executive, an existing chair, or you'd like to improve your leadership skills or business management strategies, you are in the right place.

In the course of my study of this subject, I have chaired and experienced the chairing of others, on the boards of a dozen organisations from charities to manufacturing companies, from public sector quangoes to agricultural marketing initiatives.

On the pages of this site, you will learn about the many styles of chairing and can choose for yourself what you would expect from a chairman, and how you would seek to chair yourself.

Chairing is an art, and is practised in different ways by different people in different organisational cultures.

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” Tesco put me in touch with Tom Langdon-Davies, and Tom then coached me over several sessions, initially face to face and then on the phone.

As a result, I go to all meetings far better prepared, which has been noticed by colleagues. I am also communicating internally more effectively, and getting more of an input from managers and other staff at the factory. I seem to have done this without a great deal of extra effort, and now feel more relaxed as well as more effective.”


“Don’t be fooled by Tom’s understated and unassuming manner. Here’s a man who can manage change in areas that require diplomacy, tact, focus and ability to deliver – and in the SW – as well as elsewhere -he has tons of contacts and experience.”

January 16, 2013

Brian worked as a Director  while Tom was Chairman at South West Food and Drink.

Brian Pocock

Project Management:

“I have worked with Tom on the Cockington Project to build a centre for the creative arts in and around the grade II* listed Cockington Court House. Tom has provided invaluable advice on the biomass boiler and other sustainable initiatives which have helped to achieve an “excellent” BREEAM rating for the new studio buildings. Tom’s energy, drive and expertise make him an great choice as a sustainability consultant.”

August 26, 2010

Christopher (Chris) was with another company when working with Tom at Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust.

Chris Robson