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The Chairman’s role – a work in progress

Dedicated to my family, and their many roles, past and present: My wife Mary Quicke: Chair of the Board of Governors of Queen Elizabeth Community College Crediton Chair of the Maize Growers Association My daughter Jane: Chair of Queen Elizabeth College Council Chair of Imperial College Ballroom Dancing Society My son Mikey: Chair of Queen […]

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Should CEO’s become chairmen against the wishes of shareholders?

What is more important- the freedom of a board to manage its own structure, and appoint its CEO as chairman, or the wishes of shareholders who may want to maintain a separation of roles? Which best serves the interests of shareholders, and who should decide? In some jurisdictions there is compulsory separation, in others, notably […]

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Having a Chief Executive is important too!

I have spoken to a couple of charities recently who have a board of  trustees, with a chairman, but no chief executive. So the chairman becomes the de facto chief executive! Thus the collapsed role problem remains the same, two demanding functions are vested in the same individual. For smaller organisations, particularly charities, neither role […]

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Does industrial democracy work?

In Germany and to a lesser extent in other European jurisdictions, there is legislation to include workers and other stakeholders on supervisory boards. This is in contrast to the Anglo-Saxon model where there is less  regulation, particularly in the US. Have Northern Europeans got a better business model? What are the practical results of enforced […]

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The American business model – does it work?

On first sight it may seem cheeky for a European to question the effectiveness of American businesses. The USA has the largest economy in the world, many of the largest and most profitable companies, and currently better growth performance and higher rates of employment than most other advanced economies. But there are criticisms: Short termism. […]

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The Green Chairman

Sustainability is a new buzz word, together with its three components, economic, social, and environmental -or more succinctly, profit, people and planet . It is increasingly seen as a set of interlinked objectives with evidence showing that those who follow all three components now do better financially than those who don’t. PROFIT Most of us, […]